hextallscomebackMost people will tell you don’t call it a comeback; this isn’t the case with the Hextalls who have titled their album “Call it a Comeback”. Now the Hextalls seem to have a love/hate relationship developing with me here. First off they’re a great band. They put on a great live show and they’re catchy as hell. Their song subject matter or rather the lyrics inside said songs are what I have a problem with. Example here “Jason Vs Freddy Vs Ash”, great song, about horror movie icons which I fucking love. But then for no reason they take a swipe at Freddy and Michael Myers (two icons who are obviously better than Jason). That’s the least of the offences on the album. Worst of all is “On The Third Day, Axl Rose” which I can only hope is a joke song. If this song is not a joke then these guys have some serious problems, downing great bands like Judas Priest and Iron Maiden while rooting for the talentless low life Axl Rose. Those problems aside this is a great record; it’s catchy, fun and has some hockey on the cover. If you like catchy pop punk you should check it out.

1. Welcome To The Record
2. I’m The Best (In Bed)
3. Jason Vs Freddy Vs Ash
4. Puckward Nipples The 3rd
5. On The Third Day, Axl Rose
6. J.S. Giguere Is A Robot
7. Texas
8. Dear Dr. Phil
9. Can’t Talk Gotta Work
10. Jeff Siemens Vs The Toothbrush
11. Unicorn Rider
12. (The Dr. Phil Callback)
13. Martin Lawrence
14. Born To Minigolf
15. Ramones T-Shirt
16. Female Doctor Anxiety

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